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"Why are your wings black?" She asked the angel.
He turned to her, and his eyes were dark and sad, but also wise.
"I am in mourning." He told her.
"What are you mourning?"
"The loss of a childhood." The angel said and his voice was tired, as if he had walked the world for centuries.
"Who's childhood was it?" The girl asked as she stood at the foot of the stairs which led into the unknown.
He watched her, her wide eyes reflected her childish innocence. Though she stood on the brink of womanhood she held to her youth, and he felt envy, and he felt a great sadness.
"I didn't know angels had childhoods." The girl said, but for the first time she saw the scars, which marred his skin and which stood for all the evil, and all the terrible things in the world.
Then he grinned, his smile was radiant but there was no truth to it because inside he was bitter and aching with his lost innocence, which shone so dearly out of the girl who was sitting only steps away from him, yet they would always be miles apart.
"I'm not an angel." The false smile faded from his beautiful face. He spread his great wings, with feathers like those of a ravens. "Maybe one day I was, but that was a long time ago."
The girl gestured to the stairs, she looked very small standing next to them. "What comes next?"
The angel who was not an angel at all considered this, watching the stairs that led neither up nor down but simply away.
"Not what you expect." He told the girl who would never become a woman.
She watched him simply, unsure what it was she expected. "Does it lead to Heaven?" She asked.
"You've already experienced heaven." The angels face was grave.
"Does it lead to Hell?"
"You've already experienced Hell too."
The girl shrugged, the innocence which would never get a chance to fade pulled her forward. "There's only one way to find out."
The angel smiled his sad smile once more. "Go on then."
He watched her start to climb, one step, two, three. As she climbed she faded, becoming a ghost, and then a shadow. When she was nearly gone, not to the other side of the stairs of course, but gone from the only world she'd ever known she turned back.
"Does it lead to God?"
And the angel said, "There is no God."
But it was too late for the girl to turn back.
I wont tell you what the it all represents to me because i feel like that should be up to interpretation. Thats the best thing about a peice like this i think, you can take it however you want. But i think its safe to say that to most people the stairs will represent death. Yes, stairs that go neither up nor down. The angel was the inspiration for the story, because of someone i know. I hope everyone likes it, i thought it was one of my deepest peices of writing.
Also, im very sorry if anyone is offended by the angels final statement. Both myself and the friend who inspired this are athiests but i realize this could possibly be taken as offensive by some people. Its not meant to be, but art is like that.
I should also mention that this is being submitted to alwaysmotivated. I had it up before but i modified it a little and i thought in a kind of morbid way it fit the procrastination theme perfectly, with the girl, who is supposed to be death, asking the Angel, who represents death all kinds of questions, its kind of like shes stalling.
Gilly-Bird Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011  Student General Artist
personally that is very good but i think you should describe better, maybe consider the five scenes, how was she feeling? the basis of your write is really good but i think you could expand more. ill try to rewrite a sentence or two to further explain.

"Who's childhood was it?" The girl asked as she stood at the foot of the odd looking stairs which shed a feeling of nothing, which according to her, led into the unknown. (or something on those lines)

As she climbed she faded, becoming a ghost, and then a shadow. Becoming nothing but a memory.(or whatever she was becoming)

hope that helped. remember, every story can be expanded on, even if it is better than fantastic. you just need to find the right door.
Forever-Sam Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you! Constructive criticism is always helpful! I may try to expand it more but I'm also working with extremely limited length, 200-300 words. I had a lot of trouble with that limit because its too small to be much of a story and too long to really be a poem. i also didn't want to do a descriptive piece because i think a lot of people will do that and i need to stand out a bit. Ill keep what you said in mind though when I'm doing my final copy, maybe some parts can be just reworded so they sound more descriptive without adding too much length.
Gilly-Bird Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011  Student General Artist
your very welcome
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